I'm an architect inspired by craftsmanship.

I partner with clients to create buildings and spaces filled with natural light and expressive materials.

Through a creative and transparent process, designs are developed with sketches, architectural drawings, virtual and physical models, and renderings. Depending on the needs of a project, the process is adjusted for thorough exploration or quick response. We walk with clients from initial information gathering and planning through finding a contractor and then signing off when the last touch-up paint is applied.

See examples of commercial and residential work, and a background profile from thirty years of craft, construction, and architecture experience.

Services offered, in addition to traditional design, include initial feasibility testing and planning for special new construction and renovation projects. Read the detailed residential process and hiring an architect.

Based in Cary-Apex, North Carolina and currently serving clients from Raleigh-Durham to all edges of the state, you can connect by phone, email, or social media.

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