The word service literally means to be devoted to a Client's success through each project.

The beginning is conceptual design—the foundational studies, investigations, site evaluation, space programming, feasibility checks, code analysis, diagrams, modeling, and renderings through which a successful project begins.

Feasibility—testing if a concept will work—is a central part of initial design services. Development of the design sprouts out the conceptual framework into materials, details, and engineering as the bones of the project take shape.

Traditional architectural services conclude design phases with detailed documentation, specifications, and construction contracts. They bridge the contractor selection, pricing process, and construction contract administration from first shovel through move-in.

Needs Analysis

Where are you in the process?

Contact me to map your entire design and construction process according to your goals at no charge. We can meet at the site (if there is one), review existing information and determine needed surveys or analysis. We'll also tailor a path to establish the project scope, timeline, budget, design, and construction delivery. If you are interested in further design services, I'll provide a design proposal for services, as discussed in Hiring an Architect.

Residential Services

Residential projects are detailed on a dedicated The Process of Residential Architecture page.


Design teams are assembled directly based on what each endeavor needs. This often includes expertise in building code analysis, interior design, building science, modeling and renderings for presentations, and engineering for structural, plumbing, mechanical, fire protection, and electrical building systems.

Many projects require some additional design or construction expertise beyond the norm. Our agreements regularly provide this via in-house experience, such as for laboratory planning, or through consultants like civil engineers, landscape architects, contractors, construction managers, surveyors, cost estimators, commissioning agents, and even chemists and physicists for air quality, coatings, shielding, and imaging.

Renovation Services

We excel in complex renovations!

Working in existing, occupied buildings is the most challenging but satisfying work we do. Examples include a pharmaceutical pilot plant in an office lobby, a clean room beside classrooms, exercise rooms in a clinic, a beer store in a tax office, a performance hall in bank records storage, a laboratory in a basement, a canopy over an industrial fueling platform, server farms, pedestrian bridges, an active airport terminal, and countless laboratories, restaurants, and offices.

Projects vary widely, but these four services are the most commonly requested:

Specialized Commercial Services

A sample of investigations and reports available beyond the traditional architectural services available:

Laboratory Planning

Full planning services are available for research laboratories and scientific spaces of all kinds.

Experience includes institutional, secondary school, graduate and undergraduate higher education, commercial R&D, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

We can assist with a vast range of space types, such as for biology, chemistry, physics, mammilian and aquatic vivariums, botany, clean rooms, bio-safety (BSL), environmental, teaching, controlled environments, imaging, computational, pharmaceutical and GMP, hazardous materials, radioisotopes, operating and procedure rooms, pathology, grossing, and microtomy.