Pinteresting Wood Screens

Studio R / Marcio Kogan

Studio R / Marcio Kogan

Wood screens are a dynamic way to create a partition. Light is soft and filtered as it passes through it. The material itself is organic with grain and subtle texture that continue to be interesting up close or far away. I love them.

There is a tremendous strength in visual images without words. Pinterest is a powerful visual catalog of ideas. I have recently begun to assemble pins there on wood screens. There are over 300 images to date, so rather than post them all here, I’d encourage you to browse my Pinterest collection.


If you start a Pinterest account, you will be assembling pins in tiles like these from content all over the web. It isn’t necessary to upload your own content, although you can if you want. You can easily re-pin other people’s pins, follow one of their collections, or follow them.

Follow Steve Hall Architecture’s board Wood Screens on Pinterest.

A collection of pins is called a board. This is the real power of Pinterest. I make boards for topics of interest and can create them for any specific project or client, even a specific color.

Although it started out mainly for recipes and wedding ideas, Pinterest has grown rapidly. It now has over 70 million users and is ranked by eBizMBA and GeekWire among the top five most used social media sites, surpassing Twitter.

Take a look at Pinterest. If you are visually oriented, it may be a simpler tool to assemble your ideas than writing notes or bookmarks. I’ll be posting more of my finds and collections here in future articles. For now, please leave a comment below or contact me if you have a suggestion for a board.

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