Architectural Survey

This is an example of a typical limited architectural survey to establish floor plan information for a renovation. The same would be required for an addition or change-of-use. These are also usually a component of a more sophisticated property assessment.

The building code and municipalities reviewing permit submissions generally require dimensioned plans with indication of accessible access elements like walks, ramps, doors, entries, bathroom fixtures and partitions, and water fountains. Many other important elements might be included, such as columns and structural grids, exterior wall thicknesses, doors and windows, stairs and handrails, elevators, sinks and countertops, furnishings, appliances and other equipment, plumbing meters, HVAC units, electrical transformers and panels, fire alarm panels, and a host of other items depending on the building.

The process is simpler if existing drawings of the building can be located. These often give clues to important construction changes over the life of the building. But a good field kit with 800' lasers, micrometers, and even 1/64" rulers attached to key chains help the architect to establish quality drawings even when none exist.

Not Shown

Site survey information by a licensed surveyor is needed where projects perform site work or need calculations to confirm parking, site drainage, fencing, lighting, public access, drives, plantings, and many other regulatory review items.

Ceiling plans may be required to indicate existing ceiling grids, soffits, access doors, skylights, suspended equipment, skylights, HVAC grills, sprinkler heads, and lighting.

Exterior elevations are necessary for additions and exterior improvements. They may also be required for HVAC additions because some municipalities require scaled roof-top equipment with screening to comply with zoning and appearance regulations.

Interior elevations of existing finishes, trim, casework, bathrooms, windows, and other items are occasionally required where new construction is required to match the existing.