Site Analysis

Why research the site before you buy? Because that 11.2 acres they're selling might only have 5.9 acres of usable area.

  $/usable ≠ $/acre

Rural property lines were often defined between fields long before paved roads came along later. So for property that hasn't been re-surveyed since the road was built, the road right-of-way still hasn't been deducted from the property. In this case, it was possible that the road down the long side could have been declared as a state arterial, a major road requiring even more setback than a typical collector.

In this case, there was even more going on. A small parcel had been deducted. But it had not been removed at the edge. Instead, it left an acre of the original plot wrapped around, essentially unusable. This was likely to keep the small parcel out of the flood hazard area (purple and blue).